Pastor Adam Ramsey is the founder and lead pastor of Liberti Church. After a decade of pioneering and leading ministries in both Australia and the USA, Adam and his family moved back to the Gold Coast to plant Liberti Church. Fiery and insightful, Adam is widely known for his humorous, hard-hitting preaching that aims to ignite people’s hearts and deepen their joy in Jesus Christ. Adam holds an MA in Christian Leadership degree from the Sydney College of Divinity along with a Bachelor of Business degree from Queensland University of Technology. He and his wife Kristina live on the Gold Coast and enjoy weekly family adventures with their five kids: Alaiya, Benaiah, Ezra, Tayo, and Elyana. 



While our church is still young, Adam is grateful for the Liberti Church Board who he joyfully submits himself to in matters of church governance, character, and large-scale financial decisions. This board serves as a temporary measure until Liberti has such a team internally. Each of these men have experience in church planting and are a great blessing to our church.

  • Pastor Ryan Kearns – Redemption Church, Seattle
  • Pastor David Fandey – The Fields Church, San Diego
  • Pastor Kyllum Lewis – Life Centre Church, Brisbane
  • Pastor Will Ross – Gospel Church, Gold Coast
  • Pastor Darren Dakers – Liberti Church, Gold Coast
  • Pastor Adam Ramsey – Liberti Church, Gold Coast