Hey! Thanks for checking us out. Like every family, we have a few qualities that make Liberti distinct. Think of these qualities as our DNA: they make up who we are and who we always will be. These four qualities are our family values. While the descriptions might change, the essence will remain the same. We desire that every member of Liberti Church would live as freed people who make much of Jesus by believing the gospel, worshipping joyfully, growing in community, and loving our city boldly.

Our Name

The word ‘liberti’ is a Latin word meaning “freed people.” In early Rome, when a people who were once slaves were gifted their freedom, they were described with a new status and identity: ‘liberti.’ More than just a concept or a philosophy, we are a people who have been liberated by Jesus from sin and self, and now live to show our city a whole new way of being human. We want our church to be an outpost – a city within a city – that loves the Gold Coast and shows our city what true freedom looks like under the loving leadership of Christ.   LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR STORY.